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Providing Affordable Options in Clark County

At Urban Fence Co., we believe that quality fencing should not break the bank. Our commitment to affordable fence design is driven by the idea that everyone throughout Clark County deserves access to durable, beautiful fencing solutions without compromising on craftsmanship.

Wood Fence Options

Urban Fence Co. offers a wide range of wood fencing options to suit your unique style. Choose from natural Raw Cedar or Doug Fir, or opt for the elegance of our Pre-stain Cedar selection. Our fencing styles include Dog Ear, Good Neighbor, and Board on Board, giving you ample choices to personalize your design. You can also choose between metal or wood posts and add a top cap to select styles for a finishing touch. Enjoy the timeless beauty and versatility of wooden fencing with Urban Fence Co.

Chain Link Options

Discover the versatility of our chain link options at Urban Fence Co., where functionality meets style. Choose from galvanized or sleek black finishes, and enhance your privacy with the option of adding slats, available in a myriad of colors. Our chain link fences are not just a practical choice; they're a canvas for customization, allowing you to secure your space with a touch of personal flair. Elevate your property with Urban Fence Co.'s chain link options, where security seamlessly blends with style.


We've Got You, So That You Can Do This!

Urban Fence Co. provides convenient and cost-effective DIY options for homeowners seeking a hands-on approach to fencing. Leverage our extensive experience by ordering a fence material pack delivered directly to your doorstep. Not only is this a convenient solution, but it also saves you money compared to sourcing everything independently. Enjoy the satisfaction of a DIY project with the support and expertise of Urban Fence Co. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and confidently embark on your fencing project.

We Support Our Community

We are proud of our fences and our commitment to building a stronger community. We donate $1.00 to the Building Futures Foundation for every foot of residential fencing we build. This exceptional organization is dedicated to creating a brighter future by encouraging people of all ages to pursue fulfilling careers in the construction industry.

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Discover the Urban Fence Co. difference – where experience, commitment, and quality converge to create the perfect fencing solution for your needs. Contact us today for a consultation, and let's turn your vision into reality!

We are a small team and strive to respond to all online inquiries within two business days. For a time-sensitive request, please give us a call.

Thank you for submitting your information. We will aim to respond within two business days. If you have an urgent issue, please call 360-939-1491.

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