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Exploring the Variety of Wood Fence Types with Urban Fence Co.

Updated: Jan 11

At Urban Fence Co., we understand that each property is as unique as its owner. Selecting the right fence style is not just a matter of looks but a reflection of your preferences and needs. Each fence style serves a different purpose - from creating a secure boundary to adding elegance or defining your home's classic appeal. 

We have many wood fence options designed to meet your needs. Your choice is important whether you're looking for functionality, tradition, or a personal touch. It reflects your lifestyle, and here at Urban Fence Co., we're happy to help you find the perfect fence style that matches your unique vision.

Which Type Of Wood Fence Is Right For Your Home?

To better understand which wood fence type is right for you, we have a breakdown of

Solid Style Fence:

Urban Fence Co. brings functionality and charm to your property with the timeless appeal of solid-style cedar fencing. This design features Cedar or Doug Fir fence boards mounted side-by-side with small gaps, allowing for natural expansion and contraction with the weather. Ideal for creating secure boundaries for children, pets, or belongings, solid-style fences not only ensure safety but also complement cedar decking for added privacy and style.

Picture Frame Fence:

Elevate your property's aesthetics with the elegance of Picture Frame Fencing. A step above traditional Good Neighbor Fences, this design delights both homeowners and neighbors alike. Cedar boards are meticulously arranged with minimal gaps or unique overlaps and complemented by top and bottom rails, creating the distinctive 'Picture Frame' look. The addition of trim boards and design choices, such as post caps or clever staining, opens the door to endless possibilities for customization.

Lattice Top Fence:

Embrace tradition and style with the addition of a lattice top fence to your Pacific Northwestern home. Elegant and practical, a Cedar lattice top fence acts as both a decorative charm and a functional addition to your property. Choose from Catalina, Diagonal, and Square Lattice designs to create a custom fence that perfectly suits your needs.

Picket Fence:

Capture the timeless essence of homeownership with a cedar picket fence. Minimalistic yet classic, picket fences add a touch of style and appeal to any home. Affordability meets enduring charm in this traditional option that has been a symbol of home for decades.

Custom Wood Fence:

Your home is unique, and so should your fence. Urban Fence Co. offers custom wood fencing that turns your creative ideas into reality. From unique designs to personalized touches, bring your dreams to us, and we'll create a custom fence that perfectly complements your outdoor space, adding personality and affordable functionality.

Partner With Urban Fence Co.

Whether you seek the functionality of solid style, the elegance of picture frame design, the tradition of picket fencing, the sophistication of lattice tops, or the uniqueness of custom cedar fencing, Urban Fence Co. is your partner in transforming visions into beautifully crafted realities.

Contact us for your free estimate and complimentary consultation.


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