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New white wooden fence isolated on white
New white wooden fence isolated on white

"When we selected a fence supplier for our new home in Felida, we discovered that several of our new neighbors had used Urban Fencing.  Examining that work, we found: 

•    Quality Materials

•    No loose knots

•    Straight board slats

•    Uniform gaps in the vertical boards

•    Galvanized steel posts

•    Gates were fit up tightly with square openings.

•    Construction was executed as scheduled

•    Job cleaned-up at the conclusion of work

This proved to be a good decision and would certainly do it again, but with steel fence posts I don’t think that I will ever need to purchase a replacement." 

  - Don U.

"Very helpful and fast."

-Kyle N.

"They do a really good job. Punctual and easy to work with."

-Chuck W.

"Good experience. Bid was fair, materials good, workers arrived on time, built a solid fence and cleaned up after the construction. It cost a bit more than we had expected, but was comparable to other bidders and we are happy with the result."

-Gary N.

"Friendly staff. I had trouble with PayPal so they accepted a check which we prefer. Fence looks nice."

-Ron B.

"Wonderful to work with."- Linda N.

" Austin just left and what a nice guy. You have a great company. So very happy with my new gate latch. It made my day. Thanks for your great service."

-Anita T.

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